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HRHR Help is a free and informational website, designed to provide you with current HR related employment laws, policies and strategies. HR Help specialist have compiled a HR knowledge base, detailing ways in which your company can streamline HR development, thereby protecting your business from unnecessary exposure to HR related issues.

Do you need HR Help?

Are you struggling with HR or are in need of some HR Help? State and federal labor law mandate the processes in which business owners treat their employees. As the burden of proof remains with the business owner, the HR Administrator becomes an extension of the business owner and is responsible for creating and maintaining the company's HR policies and procedures. HR Help articles and information can become an essential piece of an HR Administrators available informational resource base.

Who can benefit from HR Help

Federal employment law states that an employee in a managerial role can be held accountable for any HR related issues, and can be deemed personally liable in the same manner as a business owner. It is vital that all business owners and employees in a managerial capacity are trained and versed in all HR related company policies and procedures. HR Help provides resources and information that can be used and understood by all level employees. Business owners and HR administrators can also find helpful links to HR outsourcing professionals that can assist the company in setting up their HR development plan, writing their employee handbook, creating their HR job description, and developing their employee performance appraisals.

HR Help for your Business

The HR Help website not only gives your business access to the most pertinent HR related information as well as outreach links where you can contact a professional if the need arises. Our integration with free services like The Free Management Library and the BLR HR Network further enhance the benefits that your business will gain from the HR Help website. Whether you are a tenured HR specialist, or are new to the HR arena, HR Help will provide you with the resources you need to get the job done.

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