Employee Performance Review

Employee Performance ReviewAn employee performance review, also known as a performance appraisal or career development discussion, is defined as a method by which the performance of an employee while on the job is evaluated. The metrics of analysis are usually those of cost, time, quality and quantity.

An employee performance review is usually performed by the immediately superior manager or supervisor, or in the corporate environment, an employee especially trained for such a task, usually in the HR department.

Employee Performance Review for Career Development

An employee performance review is considered a part of career development. An employee performance review can also be defined as the process of gathering, recording, and analyzing information about the value that a particular employee brings to an organization. The employee performance review will measure the recent successes and failures of an employee, as well as his or her personal weaknesses and strengths, suitability for promotion, and if further training is necessary or valuable for the employee. An employee performance review can also attempt to quantify or place a value on more qualitative values of the employee, like demeanour or motivation.

Goals of Employee Performance Review

The main goals of an employee performance review are to:

  • Provide employees with constructive feedback on their performance,identify the training needs of the employee
  • Quantify the criteria that is used in the distribution of organizational rewards
  • Communicate the basis for decisions having to do with personnel, including bonuses, promotions, salary increases, disciplinary actions, and the like
  • Provide an opportunity for a diagnosis of problems from the perspective of the company and further chances for employee development
  • Help foster the lines of communication between employer and employee
  • Validate the techniques of selection and the HR policies of the company in order to meet federal Equal Employment Opportunity requirements
  • Improve employee performance through development, counseling, and coaching

Why Is an Employee Performance Review Process Important for my Company to Have?

An employee performance review process is important for every company to have in order to quantify to employees the exact metrics that the company uses to determine productivity and employee value to the company.

Because the quantification of many traits which normally are not thought of numerically is so important, the usual metric in an employee performance review is to use a scalar or numerical rating system. The manager or reviewer will usually be asked to rate the employee against a number of attributes or objectives.

In many instances, more modern thinking companies will perform a 360 degree review, in which an employee will be rated by his or her peers, customers, and subordinates, as well as by the performance manager.

Many businesses used trait based systems as a scale to gauge the success and failure in an employee performance review; this method has been overwhelmingly replaced by scalar or numeric based systems. Trait based employee performance reviews have been shown to be more personality based than behavorial, and as a person can certainly change a behavior without changing his or her personality, these scales do not give a fair assessment many times of the true value of an employee to a company.

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