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What is HR

HR DefinitionThe HR (Human Resources) Department is the backbone of any company. It is a vital and necessary entity.

The HR Department is the first point of contact for any potential employee. So, it is important that the first impression of a prospective employee be a good one. A thorough and complete resume or application is where the process between HR and the job candidate begins.

Responsibilities of HR

First impressions are important, so it is essential that the applicant's resume be neat, free of typographical errors and frequent gaps in employment prior to applying for a job opening. Also, as HR is responsible for gaining and maintaining people to work for a company, one critical job seeking activity is to appear in person to the company that is hiring.

Competition for a job is stiff in this current economy and making personal contact with someone who works for the organization being applied for, whether they are in the HR Department or not, can be the difference between who gets the job and who doesn't. If the right first impression is made, rest assured word will get back to those responsible for hiring and there is more than a pretty good chance that you're application will be placed on the top of the pile.

Once an interest in a job opening has been submitted by the job seeker via resume or application, the HR Department is the next stop. HR will then review the job itself, whether the applicants experience and skills fit the job being applied for as well as check the references (personal, professional or both) of the one applying for the job. An offer for an interview comes next.

The HR Hiring Process

When the interview has been offered, accepted by the applicant and completed, a job offer hopefully follows. Prior to the first day of hire, HR responsibilities encompass completion of IRS paperwork for the new hire (I9, W2), confirming employee bank information if payroll checks are direct deposited, reviewing union rules if applicable, and advising the new hire of Insurance programs and said deductions if benefits are offered for the job. It is absolute for any HR Department to be familiar or have access to this information as new hires will need these concerns addressed, should they have them, and this is important to retaining employees from the HR aspect. Familiarity with EEOC and the American with Disabilities Act is extremely important for an amiable work environment as contact with individuals from different background and at different levels in their job pursuits is absolute.

The Importance of HR

From the first day of employment to the last, the HR Department will keep a record of all on-the-job activities. The goal of the HR Department is not only to maintain the company's objective in the hiring and retention process, but to accommodate the employee when feasible.

With all of the aforementioned tasks, a Department solely focused on the employee is necessary for any organization. In short, the HR Department is responsible for putting a face on any company and keeping it there.

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