HR Job Description

Importance of the HR Job Description

HR DevelopmentA HR associate is the person who makes sure a business runs smoothly. They have many jobs, but their main jobs are to ensure that the business is appropriately staffed and that the employees perform well. With that said, they must implement the rules of the business and make sure that each employee knows about them. They must also implement training as needed and conduct the actual hiring of those employees. When hiring suitable employees, one of the first steps, a HR person must perform, is writing an effective HR job description for any open position. An effective HR job description is a statement that describes, in detail, all of the responsibilities and duties than an individual must meet when working for a business. It is essential that these descriptions are accurate, easy to understand, updated regularly and detailed, for the business to maintain high performance. In this way, employees will know exactly what their bosses expect of them, and they can meet their expectations.

HR Job Description for Employee Evaluation

A well-written HR job description will also allow the HR person to measure an employee’s performance easily when they are evaluated. A HR job description will provide the basis for wage and salary reviews, as well. It should include such things as required skills, duties, responsibilities, working conditions, experience and education. It may also include any information pertaining to tools or equipment needed for the job. Much of the information included in a HR job description is obtained by conducting a job analysis. Some businesses utilize the services of an outsourcing company for this; however, the HR people can conduct this, as well. In a proper job analysis, the HR person will determine the “definition” of a job, the job’s scope and its content. It is essential that this analysis is complete and accurate.

Updating the HR Job Description

Since more than one person can perform the same job, they can use the same HR job description. In short, a HR job description describes the job, not the employee that is performing the job. An effective HR job description should be updated regularly, specific to the job and relate well to the performance review form. In this way, it will be easy to measure an employee’s performance in relation to the job description. All job descriptions should also adhere to any legal requirements as set forth by the state.

Structure of the HR Job Description

When writing an effective HR job description, the HR person should include all of the following information, preferably in this exact order: the job title, the job’s supervisor, the job’s department, a summary of the job, main responsibilities of the job, and expectations in regards to the employee’s behavior.

  • The job’s summary should be 2 or 3 sentences summarizing the basic responsibilities of the position.
  • The main responsibilities should explain in detail the main responsibilities of the position.
  • Expectations of behavior should include up to 5 behaviors that employees should possess to succeed in the position.
  • When HR is writing the HR job description for hiring purposes, they may also want to include such things as essential skills, talents, basic requirements, education, working environment conditions, and exempt or non-exempt status.

Succeed with a HR Job Description

In conclusion, a well-written HR job description is essential to the success of any business. When employees know what their bosses expect of them, their performance can often exceed expectations. Anyone can write an effective job description by following the above basic guidelines.

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